Would SanDisk's ReadyCache drive help alongside primary 120gb SSD?

I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere, either in forums or professional reviews. The 32gb Readycache has been in the marketplace for less than a week I believe, so that doesn't totally surprise me.

Basically, I want to know if I would see any benefit from adding the SanDisk to a system running a lower capacity SSD OS drive (120-180gb) and a standard HDD storage drive at the moment. I have multiple computers that I'd consider using it with for only $50 a pop, but the system I have running an older Intel 330 120gb as the OS disk would be the one most in need of a boost.

I know this is going to be partially speculation since I highly doubt anyone is currently running this sort of setup, but I'd appreciate whatever input you have. :hello:
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  1. Still interested in thoughts here.... :hello:
  2. It really depends, if you're 120gb ssd is an older model ssd then yes you will see a difference. Will it be a huge jump like going from an hdd to sdd... no. If you have a more current ssd with similar speeds then it is going to be determined more on what you're workload on that machine is and if the files and programs you use the most already reside on the ssd or not. If you are using that machine as an internet machine and word processor and all your software is already on your ssd then it will not help at all. If you are gaming on it or use lots of different software some of which reside on the hdd then yes it will make a difference. If you have you're 120gb drive set up properly then really I would guess that in this situation it wouldn't be worth putting it in. If you have tons of software and files you use frequently that reside on the hdd then do it. For the most part this is geared to be an easy cheap way to boost systems with hdd's. However cache drives in general have done a wonderful job speeding up gaming rigs too. Many PC gamers do not have enough storage directly on the ssd so the games go to hard drives. Loading levels off hard drives takes much longer than ssd obviously. The benefit is that these small drives do all the maintenance work for you of preloading your most played games onto the ssd. No one I know loads and unloads games on their ssd just to play and the cache drive does that for you. If it is a game you haven't played in a long time it won't but usually gamer's play one or two games at a time for a while. This means those games will be loaded and ready to go.
  3. It may actually hinder it, as the access time of the readycache is may be lower than that of the SSD. It will also have to see which SSD the data is on before going and finding it. I doubt it will make a difference
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