Advice needed on my setup for next several yrs

Current setup i5 750@4ghz
Gtx 470@ 740core

Mobo p55-ud2 (single card mobo)

HD WD blue 500gb 7200

700w crap power supply

Anyways... i plan on upgrading my power supply to a hx 750 or 850.

My mobo only supports single card setup, so should i upgrade to a gtx 480 with evga... or should i keep the 470, but after market cooling and overclock to 800core. With extra cash buy another WD blue and put raid 0. My other opion could be to change motherboard and sli 470s in the future... Im considering stepping up because #1 my mobo supports no sli and #2 i kinda like single card setups... but lastly im not sure if i need a 480 over a 470 for gaming... as of now i am doing fine on games, but at this res i want to last 2-3years before i upgrade my whole system.

My budget is 350$.... The power supply is a must so that removes about 160$.

My current res is 1920x1080.

So option 1

Powersupply, stepup to a 480.

Option 2.

Powersupply, 500gb WD blue and raid 0, aftermarket 470 cooling.

Option #3

Poweruspply, new mother board for sli... down the road possibly sli my 470...

Also i am not to sure about raid 0 on this mobo, im guessing it supports it though, anyone else do it? I have never done raid 0 before, but for an extra 50$ it seems worth it, i dont care about data loss risk, i have a usb backup for important stuff.

I think i prefer single card setup i do not plan on 3d vision nor do i plan on going bigger then 1920x1080, but what do you guys think on my finalized build... after this im not spending anymore money for a while... unless something breaks.

i will be using this build for 2-3 years.
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  1. You can grab the XFX 750W Black Edition for a very decent price.. Although you wont need a 750W PSU for your setup, it'd ensure no power worries for some years to come.. Stepping up to a GTX 480 is apparently of not much performance gain.. The GTX 470 is powerful enough.. I'd say hold on to your card till it really feels stretched and then go in for a upgrade.. There will be new generation cards available by then (Nvidia GTX 5XX series probably) making an upgrade really feel like an upgrade.. You can look forward in investing for a SSD right now which will give you a major performance upgrade, much higher than even a WD Blue Raid 0 has to offer.. An OCZ Vertex2 120 GB should be enough for your OS and games..
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