USB vs PS/2 Performance Difference?

Hi, Long time reader, first post.

First of all, why no search options on this forum? Might stop a lot of the same posts over and over like I read.

Secondly, should power supplies have their own forum?

I have a USB Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical mouse (6000 scans per second). Will I lose any performance plugging it into the PS/2 connector?

That's all. Thanks for your help. :)
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  1. There is seach options on this forum. It is a on the left and say Search boards on it.
    I did not notice any difference with different port.
  2. I think you will... USB is faster i believe...but i guess it depends on what type of game your playing if it will make a difference. If not used for FPS games I don't think it matters. I play delta force and I do notice a diffence especially when knifing.
  3. The transmition speed on ps/2 is slower than USB, but I beleive that you won't see the difference because the mouse does not even use all the bandwith available to it when connected through ps/2.

    The reason for USB mouses and keyboards is mainly the plug-and-play advantage.

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  4. I find USB to be slightly unreliable, and the performance difference negligable.

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  5. Accroding to tom's hardware review PS2 can handle twice as many exchanges per second than USB.

    There is the link to the article.
  6. I read the article you posted and now im a little confused when I test both my mice 1 with ps/2 the other with USB using mouserate I get a higher sampling rate with USB about 200hz avg...whereas with ps/2 I get about 120 hz avg?? It appears that using USB connection gives a higher faster sampling rate isn't this higher rate going to be better in FPS games? or am I mistaken?
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