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I have a athlon 64 machine upstairs in my room . it has a videomate tv card that i record tv programs on to and a gigabit ethernet socket. the recorded mpeg files take up about 3Gb per hour (ie dvd quality) recorded an analogue signal. i would like to watch these programs on my widescreen tv downstairs but currently it takes about 45 minutes to burn 1 hour on to dvd-rw, which i will probably only watch once anyway, and dvd-rw dont last forever. i was thinking of building a thin client (pc without a hard disk) with a spec similar to the following. via eden motherboard (fanless cpu option) and a case with a fanless psu, maybe even an old laptop off ebay. anyway my question is [finaly i hear you say :-) ] is my 100Mb lan up to carrying / streaming the mpegs or would i need a gigabit nic in the thin client and link the two machines directly, could always put a 100Mb nic in the athlon to connect it to the lan .

thanks jc

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  1. Do you know exactly what the streaming rate of your recorded tv is? The absolute max of a 100MB lan is about 10MB/s transfer rates. If it is wanting to stream at a greater rate then you will probably want gigabit. I really can't see recorded tv needing more than 10MB/s though.

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