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i have 10 nods at my office and reliance broadband internet. i've created network. and sharing lan. i've not allowed other computers to access internet. i've given ip to other pc's.

let me give you complet over view.

total nods:10
net connection : reliance broadband
1)my own pc having direct internet connection.
2) using LAN card and 16 port switch i've shared internet and lan.
3) from settings i've blocked internet only
4) using ip in range 192.168.0.* i ve shared LAN.


i want to share internate on limited pc when ever i want.

is there any softwae or window it self have any setting where i can add ip of pc on lan and it can access internate.?

if it is possible please let me know.

Thanx in advance

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  1. I assume you’re configured as follows (and using ICS for your gateway):

    [modem]<-- wire -->[pc (gateway)]<-- wire -->[switch]< -- wire -->[pc]

    And now want to limit access to the Internet based on IP address.

    IIRC, the Windows firewall doesn't provide this kind of filtering, but many third party firewalls certainly do (e.g., AVG). In fact, it would probably be more effective to limit access based on MAC address (a bit easier for IPs to be manipulated than MAC addresses, but ultimately both are vulnerable to being altered by end users).

    Frankly, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just use a router and manage its firewall to limit access. You could then use DHCP to control IP assignments as well rather than deal w/ manual TCP/IP configurations.

    [modem]<-- wire -->[router]<-- wire -->[switch]< -- wire -->[pc]
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