Getting Slow Transfer on New USB 3.0 Card

I added a KingWin USB 3.0 PCIE controller card and a Bytecc USB 3.0 dual-docking station to my desktop PC, expecting so speed up data transfers. I installed the included Win7 drivers, and am seeing transfers speeds of only about 35MB/S from the internal raid or from drive-to-drive in the dock. Not what I bargained for, as these are just about USB2 speeds.

I have eSATA on the motherboard, and have seen 100+MB/S transfers on this machine. (I had a lot of driver problems with the eSATA and don't think I got it working again once I moved to win7/64-bit, plus wanted the dual dock so figured I'd get the new format ahead of a future Mobo upgrade.)

Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong, or what is limiting the speed?

The motherboard is an Abit IX38 Quad-GT (a few years old) with 4G ram, running Win7-64bit.
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  1. You can't stick a USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure in a USB3 port and expect USB3 speeds.
  2. There is no USB2 enclosure. The brand new Bytecc SATA hard drive dual dock says 'Super Speed USB 3.0'. That is plugged directly into the new USB 3.0 Adapter.

    To further clarify, the transfer speeds I'm asking about are from an internal raid drive out to the USB3 port to a drive in the USB3 dock, or from Drive 1 in the dock to drive 2 in the dock.

    Update: I found newer drivers, and was able to get the RAID to USB3 transfer rates up to 66 MB/s. Turns out my eSATA is still connected and that transfers from the same RAID drive at about 116 MB/s. The USB3 is cleary under performing.
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