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Hello, my dad's computer died recently and he needs a new one. The only things this computer needs to do is surf the web, check e-mail, and play Starcraft 2. I would like him to be able to play with decent graphics settings. His budget is flexible but approximately $650 with a monitor. Here is a link to SC2 recommended specs [...] leId=26242 , not sure what kinda of graphics performance those would yield. He needs a computer as soon as possible for his work, so ideally I would like to get a store bought. The problem with those is that none have graphics cards within the price range. Is it ok to buy a computer such as a Dell, or Gateway
with decent specs and then add a graphics card? For example, how well off would I be buying then adding . Any advice/info will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Do what you want, but I know I checked an emachines box, it had a failed ECS board, cheap power supply, not impressed. The opinion I've heard on prebuilts is that they are basically made to last 13 months, until you are out of warranty. So it's your call.
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    Tower @ $453AR

    ASUS MS227N Glossy Piano-Black / White 22" 2ms $145AR free ship
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