How to use acronis true image wd to transfer os from bad hard to new one

daughters hard drive is going out. It will turn on and spin up but the os(win7) will not boot. it just wants to go thru the self diagnostics, etc.. The hard dfive is a WD cavier Blue. I have a new one and want to transfer at least the operating system to the new one/.(same, wd cavier blue). How do I go about this using the Acronis True Image WD ?


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  1. You can not transfer a win installation from a damaged drive to a new one! The error message tells you that the installation is damaged and acronis would only transfer the damaged files to the new disk. You would end up with the same result on the new disk. Disconnect the old drive and install a fresh windows. If you are lucky you may be able to rescue some of her user data from the old disk later.
  2. the diagnostics indicate only a hardware failure, thesde diagnostics took almost 24 hours to run, & if I remember correctly the failure was related to the hdd not "seeking" properly.
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