Disassembly instructions for gateway 4530gz laptop

Can anyone tell me where to find disassembly instructions for a Gateway 4530gz laptop?
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  1. Nope. Gateway provides no such info. I had to go through hell to replace the backlight in my gateway notebook.
  2. I cant find anything much either, post a pic if you can of:
    bottom of unit
    top of unit with flip open,
    I'll see if I can spy any in's
  3. Specifically what do you need the instructions for? If it's just to access the ram or hard drive, those are simply on all notebooks.
  4. Hi Buddy... I washaving trouble with my Gateway 4530 GZ. I took it to three repair shops and they all said the same thin - "it's the motherboard and would cost more than the laptop is worth to fix it". Well, I decided to buy a motherboard and replace it myself! Hell, it was already broken so Icouldn't do much damage.

    I just went to www.ehow.com and asked "How to replace a motherboard on a Gateway 4530GZ. The instructions were very clear. It was a little complicated - but not impossible. And guess what??? I spent $49.00 for a motherboard on e-bay, made the repair myself - and IT WORKS LIKE NEW!

    Give it a try - it's well worth it.

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