Issue with massive FPS drops.

Hey all, first post... hope someone can give me some good advice here...
My system is a q6600 at 3.2ghz.
My ram is 2x2GB pc-6400 DDR2 800mhz
and 2x1GB, same ram.
My video card is a 470gtx...

Here is my issue... when i run 3d vantage, i get a gpu score of 16900ish... which is fine... when i play dirt 2 for example, the game runs as smooth as possible on the ultimate settings...

when i play games like Assassins creed 2, and Borderlands, my fps will be good, then drop to about 15-20...

This can't be right, so im trying to figure out how to stop this...
I am under the impression my CPU could be bottlenecking my card, and not sending the information fast enough to the GPU... or it could be my ram, and the fact that its 2x2gb, and 2x1 (i hear it messing up the timing and might force single channel or something, not sure)

i have windows 7 64bit.

Hope someone can help! thanks
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  1. Welcome to THG =)

    What are the settings that you are using in AC2 and Borderlands? And what is your screen resolution?
  2. I am running at 1920x1080. I am running very high detail on both games...
    Now i should say that my friend has an i5 with the same videocard, and we lanned the other day and we stared in the distance in borderlands, my fps was like 30, his was 70-80 at all times...

    and thanks for the reply !
  3. Your CPU is not bottlenecking anything, did you remove any unwanted previous drivers prior to installing the 470?
  4. i did a safemode boot, and used driversweeper to remove everything before reinstalling drivers.

    could it be the ram? or are you leaning towards driver issues
  5. If your other games run fine then its not the ram.

    When do these drops occur? Because you will get frame drops when too many things are going on at the same time. Do your frames drops occur all of a sudden for no reason? For example if I am playing in an empty server with nothing going on I will get very high frames, but if the server is packed and all hell breaks lose then they drop significantly, especially if I am close to a few tanks blowing each other up.
  6. Honestly the drops seem to be from a couple things, anytime i can see far in the distance... anytime i feel loading...
    and sometimes even if im just standing still, and move slightly
    i really find it weird... i mean ive always had a mediocre video card, and it was always pretty steady... even if i turn this cards settings down, it still does these huge fps drops

    hmm, thats true about the ram.... so processor is still a potential reason, as is drivers?
    i know this isnt normal fps dropping... its really bad.
  7. I've tried that, its the same thing.
    With a graphics card like that, i shouldnt have to turn that stuff down.
    there are videos on youtube of the same computer playing ac2, with a steady 50-60 frames at all times...
    im stumped
  8. Do you have fraps?
  9. Try lowering the GPU settings, turn off any AA/AF and change the "in-game" settings to medium just too see what happens.
  10. its weird how i have amazing benchmarks, but in game.... its just bad...
    i really think it has to be the processor.
    the fact that he has an i5, and it shows a big jump in performance, and the fact that assassins creed 2 is a very CPU intensive game, as is borderlands.

    dirt 2 is a GPU intensive game, and it works fine...
  11. Any way you can record a short video just to see what's going on?
  12. It won't be possible for the next week or so.
    I am not home, just trying to find out for when i get home, but if that needs to be done, ill do it.
    its just weird because i think if i run the game with my 8800 gt and low settings, it wont do that... ill try that too
  13. yes i have fraps.
  14. Yea your issue is quite odd since you stated that Dirt2 runs fine.

    I don't have AC2/Borderlands so I wouldn't know what the deal is. The only thing that comes to my mind is that you might need to patch those with the most current update or I would have to look at your "in-game"settings to see if there is something that needs to be changed.

    I googled AC2 PC frame drop and found out that many users that run the game with a GTX 260 or equivalent have no issues whatsoever so it should be a setting that needs to be changed. You can also try re-installing the game to see if that fixes the issue.
  15. Yeah i know, my friend has the same vid card and his runs fine :(
    hoping a fresh windows 7 64bit install fixes all thse issues...
    if not im really putting my money on it being the processor
  16. Before you buy anything make sure you troubleshoot as much as possible.
  17. anyone else have any advice for me?
  18. i would not do a fresh OS install, I would just try reinstalling both games to see if that fixes the issue.
  19. Sounds to me like your anti aliasing is set too high. Maybe lower to 2x. Or, possibly you have it set to Super Sampling which is significantly more difficult than Multi Sampling. Not sure if Nvidia panel has that option... worth checking. You might have forced higher settings by accident... it really sounds like the AA is too high to me. I don't know if these games use PhysX but if so that could also be causing a big drop in performance.
  20. I thought of that as well, thats why I asked the OP if he could lower his AA/AF but to be honest he should not have any frame loss with a GTX 470 becuase AC2 is not a GPU demanding game. There are many users that are playing with GTX 260's/5770's and they do not have this issue. I would love to see a video where it shows the frame loss because it would give us a better idea of whats going on. Like I said if this issue occurs everytime there is a ton of things going on at the same time then that is normal gameplay especially if all the settings are maxxed out but if it happens for no apparent reason while nothing is going on then there is something that is not right.
  21. did you actually buy ac2? or did you download the torrent?

    ive heard of people downloading certain games and getting huge fps drops because of malicious code in the game accessing the internet. but you wont notice it in other games. virus scanners wont find it either because it only runs while you play the game.
  22. I experience the same issue. All my games were running fine until we had a thunderstorm a few months ago. Power came back on, everything started fine. but now, my frame rate drops randomly for all my titles; Starcraft 2, NBA 2k11, Dragon Age, Dirt2, Borderlands... They were all running fine before the storm. Now every 2 or 3 minutes, my frame rate dips for about 15-20 seconds before it picks back up.

    If anyone has the solution, PLEASE let me know.

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