PX-256M3 AHCI problem with Win7 installation

I recently bought a new PX-256M3 SSD and put it in my Lenovo X200t. I did a fresh Win7 install and this is where the problem happened.
When I installed Win7 having SATA in AHCI mode, the Win 7 files can be copied to the drive; however, when windows restarted itself, an error as “Error 2100: HDD0 (Hard disk drive) initialization error (1)” showed up. Only when I installed the system setting SATA to compatibility mode, Win7 can be installed just fine. The same error would pop up if I changed the SATA mode to AHCI after Win7 was installed in the compatibility mode.
The thing is, I have a Western Digital Blue 320GB and a Kingston SSDNow V100 64GB in my Lenovo X200t before, but neither of them had this problem.
Can anyone give me an idea of what's going on?
Thank you!
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  1. Did you have both drives hooked up when you had the problem? Try installing Win 7 with just your SSD hooked up in AHCI mode.
  2. I used them one at different times. X200t can only take one drive at a time.
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