Turn on AA in other applications

how to turn on AA in windows media player??
i couldnt find any such option in wmp
grphx : gts 250
nd os is windows 7 64bit..
is there anything like AA for wmp?
if its there then how to use it?
thnx in advance :)
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  1. does windows media player with the visualization show aliasing then? maybe this could be true, perhaps i've seen that with the windows energy screen saver when i have aa off (when i had my gts 250) there were very visible jagged lines on the images of the screen saver. When i turned aa on for all applications, you know i was definitely sure that windows energy screen saver looked better with it on; jagged lines were gone. You go to 3d options, i don't have a gts 250 anymore, sorry but Nvidia are overrated and for bigoted fanboys lol because of the nvidia sticker and "the way it's meant to be played" - most of the time, but you might not be. Ok, lol so anyway, so you go to 3d options, in there there are two setting modes, there's settings for all programs section and a kind of custom settings for particular programs section. Try editing settings for both. Go first onto the first tab, btw on 3d options make sure that you select "my custom 3d settings" to enable the advanced 3d options. Then in first section go to where it says enable anti-aliasing and enable it to say 4, and then in the programs (second section) go to the specific windows media or manually add it from the drop down window and select 4 aa for it. You can do this for games as well, i suppose this has an advantage over ATI that you can enable different quality settings for different programs and not have to change it everytime you run a program needing different settings. but ATI CCC is just soo much more easier to use and the diagrams for anti-aliasing and aniso-tropic filtering are a great help to you as compared to nvidia's nothingness - no diagrams to show anything lol.
  2. thanks buddy...i was able to change the settings :)
  3. o good i'm pleased to here about that, hope you didn't have to wait too long to receive a reply?
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