Problem changing ip on windows 7

Im trying to change my IP on windows 7. ive done it thousand times on XP. i have comcast connecting directly, no router,, etc...

WEll when i type ipconfig /release it says the system wont detect the file.. even if i run it as Admin, idk whats going on , can anyone plz help me?
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  1. ipconfig /release won’t change the IP, it merely releases the current IP assignment.

    ipconfig /renew *might* change the IP, but it really depends on the ISP.
  2. tried both, none work "/ :(. is there even a way to change ip? i mean on XP ive changed thousand times same ISP still.. ip renew wont work either,
  3. Sure, I can use either on Win7 here, no problem. What does ipconfig /? return? Or even just ipconfig? Do you see your TCP/IP configuration?
  4. lol, yeah ipconfig /release on protocol properties put 1212.12.12.1 then Hit Okay twice then put back on AUto get ip. i tried everything, also running as admin, and ipconfig /renew after.. none work "/ grr..
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