Help deciding between two RAM options

Ok I am building a new system and have narrowed my RAM purchase down to two different sets.

Of these two which is better?

Both look pretty similar....the corsair sticks are running a 25% off deal right now with the promo code so i was going to go with them because $75 is a steal. What do you guys think?
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  1. i think its much of a much ness but if i had to choose ones it would be the ripjaw ones and because they fit my tower colour :P but i have heard they are great overcloacking ram
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    Vengeance and Ripjaws X are both great choices. Because of that discount I would go with the Vengeance.
  3. I prefer Corsair ram myself.

    Both of those are tall though, I would check cooler clearance.
  4. I dont really know how to check the cooler clearance. I purchased the Corsair ones. I know they are tall so I hope I dont run into any problems with them. I hear the first ram slot is close to the cpu on p67 boards as well.
  5. That's all right -- with two sticks of RAM you won't be using the closest slot anyway.

    For dual-channel with two sticks on P67 boards:
    Slot 1 (closest to CPU): Empty
    Slot 2: RAM
    Slot 3: Empty
    Slot 4: RAM
  6. Well I will be using all 4 slots eventually.
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