CD/DVD optical drive problem in AHCI/SATA mode

I am Trying to install Windows XP in dual boot upon a system DEll initially created with Windows 7 . However The Cd installation cannot pass the Stop error screen preventing the installation to begin .

Changes are to be made in the BIOS : AHCI ----> ATA to enable the installation to start

In my Windows 7, the SATA (Serial-ATA) based optical drives such as a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive disappear and not available right after the system boots u pagain after users enable and switch to use the Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) feature on AHCI chipset for the SATA ports in system BIOS configuration.

It seems like it’s a bug in Vista that causes the missing CD/DVD optical drive problem in AHCI/SATA mode. Microsoft has released a hotfix under KB928253 that will correct the problem.

However this Hotfix doesn't apply to Windows 7 is ther any hotfix you can recommand ? or any other solution

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  1. So, you're trying to use AHCI? Use IDE.
  2. You don't understand : I'll explain

    Booting with a Cd XP install upon AHCI ( on M15X DeLL ) will bring Stop error Screen ; Blue Scree0x00000007E

    If I turn it to ATA ( in the BIOS) than the optical Drive is disabled ;

    What is the alternative in The BIOS or in the Drivers update ?
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