Need help deciding on psu

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  1. Only brand I've heard of is coolermaster. It's not a tier one manufacturer, but your video card doesn't require any special ps. I would look up the specs of the 12v rails on coolermaster's website before ordering if you want to add another card later. I wouldn't go under 22 amps on the 12v rail. The best ps are made by corsair, seasonic, antec, and enermax in the usa. Don't know if any of these brands are sold by your vender.
  2. Out of those I would get the Silverpower, great PSU. Silverstone is very good as well.
  3. ^+1 Silverstone makes good units.
    For a bit more you could get a modular one that's crossfire/sli rated.
    Silverstone Tech. Strider 500 W-£53.45
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