Gigabyte vs Sapphire!!!

Guyz..i found a gigabyte 5870 and sapphire 5850 both with same price tag.which one should i pick?
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  1. If they both have a reference design, then check the length of the warranty and included bundle, If there both the same then flip a coin
  2. one is 5850, another is 5870.will a gigabyte 5870 be as good as sapphire 5870?
  3. As said it would come down to which was the better deal. Things like, does one hav ea better cooler. Is there a better bundle with one, such as is there a game voucher or better selection of cable included etc. How long and how good is the warranty.
    I would not say one was a better make than the other and so if they were both more or less the same then either as sugested flip a coin or go with which ever one you loke the looks of best.

  4. Just to be sure here, is there a typo involved here. "one is 5850, another is 5870.will a gigabyte 5870 be as good as sapphire 5870?"

  5. oh sorry my bad, I misread it as both being 5870's

    The gigabyte HD5870 will be about 10% faster than the HD5850. You should be able to find a HD5850 for roughly $100 less that a HD5870.

    And yes, a gigabye is just as good as a sapphire.
  6. Can you give us a link to the cards your comparing?
  7. I always go for Sapphire
  8. I have used both brands with equal success. As others have indicated, look for the deal that provides the best features for the cost and you really can't go wrong with either brand. Be sure to compare 5870s to 5870s and 5850s to 5850s.
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