Best parts for the money!

keep it as tight as possible, no extravagant parts....
I get quality for the money every 4-5 years, mainly for gaming and preparation for sc2 and d3
pretty basic build, but i would like to hear from others

i dont favour any brand, tried both and both had their pros and cons, please change my plan at any time

decent case
corsair tx 650
i5 750
g.skill tident 1600 4gb
gtx 460

note i live in australia, i use 3 websites



PARTS NOT REQUIRED: need a complete tower only


PARTS PREFERENCES: any, as long as its good, ive researched both amd vs intel and ati vs nvidia and get good responses


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, 1 gfx is enough, sli or crossfire = more $$ for psu, mobo, another exact gfx card
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  1. Everything looks alright but if you want bang for your buck you cant go wrong with one of the HD 5770s. I'd suggest the Vapor-x. Probably the quietest card I've seen.
  2. I believe G Skill Ripjaw is the better RAM (lower latency I think)

    What resolution are you playing at? Will you just be OCing the CPU or the graphics card too?

    If at 1920 x 1080 I would prefer to go with a 5850 if you can afford it, especially as you have no intention of Crossfire (a man after my own heart - one powerful card always my preference over two weak ones).
    If you cannot fit it into your budget, then I would go with the GTX460 as you originally planned as it Overclocks well so should handle the HD resolution.

    A 5770 is a nice budget card but it is still a budget card, and in a system without XFire I would not be getting one.
  3. at 1920 x 1080 both my monitors are at, im a total nub at OC, but its proven safe and tested by others then by all means ill do it.

    and is really AMD better for gaming than i5's?

    and the problem with crossfire/SLI is that u need to spend more money on cooling, mobo, psu and exact same GFX card. seems more expensive then just getting a good decent 1 gfx card
  4. I always go with 1 gfx rather than weak ones. A good card gives solid performance, an XFire set up depends on how well a game scales.
    Even if I had a motherboard that could Crosfire, I would still buy a 5850 rather than 2 x 5770s because it is a good powerful card. In the future I could then either buy another good powerful card or save money and buy a second 5850, but I would never XFire with two weak cards with a new build - I consider XFire a cheap upgrade option and not something to start a build with (unless of course I could afford to buy 2 very powerful cards)

    AMD is not better than Intel i5 750 for gaming, however AMD are the best in terms of price/performance. The 955/965 AMD CPU are very good gaming chips and the AMD motherboards are cheaper than Intel ones. So, while not as good as Intel they are notably cheaper and in many cases performance should not be noticable unless using a very powerful card that is actually being limited by the CPU.

    I myself have always been an Intel man, but on a tight budget I would have no concerns going with AMD
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