Gigabyte vs sapphire!!

I have found a gigabyte 5870 n a sapphire 5850 both with same price tag.which one should i pick?
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  1. Will a gigabyte 5870 would be as good as sapphire 5870? Thanks.
  2. Ehm, make things clear, will you?
    Sapphire 5850 or Sapphire 5870?

    If you found HD5870 as cheap as HD5850 then grab it... :)
  3. wa1 said:
    Ehm, make things clear, will you?
    Sapphire 5850 or Sapphire 5870?

    If you found HD5870 as cheap as HD5850 then grab it... :)

    So here is the story. Today i went shopping to my local computer market for a gfx card for my new build. I found a Sapphire HD 5850 and Gigabyte HD 5870 both almost at same price(well almost because the 5870 model is actually $15 less!!!). The Sapphire 5850 comes with a price tag of TK.23000($329) where as the Gigabyte 5870 is for TK.22000($314)!!!

    Let me tell you one more thing,for my country this is very unusual. Because every hardware you guys buy back in USA costs $20-$40 more down here. I just checked newegg and the gigabyte model is selling for $399 where as here it is $314!!!

    The local store is providing me with full two years warranty and it is a reputable store. Because of its price i am being so suspicious.

    Some of my friends tell me that gigabyte is not as good as sapphire and xfx in term of performance.

    I have also read some newegg user reviews. Some says there may be A bios problem in all the models manufactured last year.

    Guyz...this is my hard-earned money and i dont want to ruin it. So i need your help more than ever. I am not confident in my abilities. So i want you guyz to check these models throuthly for me and tell me which one should i buy.I would really appreciate it. N i wont OC it>
  4. hey, you've said that your store is providing you with 2 years warranty, so get that cheap HD5870... :)

    make sure you has a good quality PSU...
    What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Monitor? size?
  5. Quote:
    A 5870 is better than a 5850, no matter what brand, Gigabyte is also a pretty decent manufacturer.

    Also, where did you read about the BIOS problem on newegg? Some early 5870s could have a GSOD problem using old drivers and only a few still has problems with the newst drivers installed. You could always return it using the warranty.

    Get the 5870, better performance and cheaper. I dont see a reason not to.

    But PSU and monitor info would be greatly appreciated. We wouldn't want a 350W running 1280*1024 for a HD5870.

    My native resolution is going to be 1280*1024 or 1600*900(18.5' or 20"). I am not sure of the PSU model. It is from thermaltech, 550 watt, 2 6-pin 75watt pcie conector.

    I also will be using i5 750, asus p7p55d, 2 gb 1333mhz DDR3 ram(Dont ask me about the brand and model, I dont know!!)
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