New Rig what do you think???

Any thoughts on this setup?

I am going to be using this computer for mainly:
video gaming, music, burning dvd's, surfing the web, office, Adobe suite programs(rarely), downloading, etc...

Processor: Intel Core i7 920
Motherboard: EVGA E760 CLASSIFIED
Memory: G Skill DDR3 1600
Hard Drive: WD 1TB 7200RPM SATA
DVD Burner: ASUS
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V8
Power Supply: Corsair 750W
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
Video Card: 2 x eVega GTX 480's SLI

Does anyone have any suggestions that would increase performance of the computer? Any hardware upgrades/downgrades?

I believe I am going to be running dual 24" monitors.

Probably going to Overclock the CPU up to that of the 960...

Please any input at all would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. First you already asked it.
    second it looks good to me.
  2. ^ 750W for 2x GTX 480 is fine, but there not be much headroom left...
    Get this case + PSU combo
    HAF 932 + 850W Silent PRO

    CPU Cooler -
    Scythe Mugen - IMO this offers as good or better performance for less...

    HDD - Samsung F3 1TB

    Mobo - You will not be going more than 2 cards, and will moderately overclock, then I see no need for that board...
    Any of these are good enough

    And a SSD is what is missing here...
  3. Ok I swapped out the motherboard to the ASUS P6X58D Premium:

    Also I included the Case and Power Supply Combo

    Finally I swapped the Cooler for the one you had suggested:

    I'm not too sure about a SSD though.... Why would I need one? I've been using regulat 7200RPM hd's and i think they are pretty fast...
  4. SSDs are a luxory item, some swear by them, but the reality is, in a gaming build it is the lowest priority - me personally, I would rather spend more on a good airflow case than an SSD. (not that I would spend more than $100 on a case)
  5. I think they are just too damn expensive right now, its just not worth it for me...

    So how does my setup look?

    I want this to be able to last atleast 3 or 4 years without upgrades except for minor things like RAM...
  6. Its good. A bit fancy for my tastes - I would save money and go with an i5 750 myself...but hell, you have 2 x 480s in there so I doubt money is that big a deal.

    Talking of which, I personally would not get two 480s. When are you planning on buying? Now that Nvidia has released the 460, hopefully they will be unveiling cards similar to it in design but similar to the 470/480s in power.

    The 400 series was a terrible design I could never recommend (hell, it is the first time ever that I ended up going ATI instead of Nvidia) the 460 gives hope that a new set of decent cards will come out so I would hold off on getting 480s. Given the choice I would prefer to run with either 2 x 5870s, or even just one 5970 with the plan of dumping a second in if ever the games require it.
  7. Why would you not go with 2 480's? I just perfer NVIDIA over ATi I guess... I am going to be ordering everything in 2 weeks!
  8. I guess I might aswell go with a single ATi 5970. Save money, and still can pus 2 monitors...

    But i noticed its pci express 2.1... the motherboard is 2.0 does this change anything? what does it mean??
  9. The i5 750 is a very good gaming CPU, no doubt, but for multiple high powered graphic card config, the i7 9xx CPUs are better(x58)...

    And @bmark0610, I would suggest you to stick with Nvidia, but not the GTX 480...go with 2x GTX 470s instead...they would come cheaper than the HD 5970 and also would utilize the full x16 bandwidth of the X58 boards...
    And it is known that Nvidia cards SLI, scale better than ATI cards...
  10. The reason I would not go 2 x 480s is because they are ridiculously expensive and not of very good design.
    Gkays option is better, the 470 is still a poor design but at least not as outrageous as the 480 in price.

    After the release of the modified fermi chip (the GTX460) I would be reluctant to buy any 400 series Nvidia card yet because the 460 has shown what Nvidia can do with a more clever design - it is a nice card, unfortunately it is too weak to really be worth getting imo, but it does mean that Nvidia will likely move on this new design and make a powerful card (a GTX475 or something). If they do that then I would very much believe that Nvidia are back in the market for cards worth buying.

    Only problem will be is that Nvidia will once again be confusing people with names - the 470, 480, 465 will all be the old overly hot powerwhore cards, but the 460, 475, 485 would be the new Fermi 104 cards :P
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