Raid 0 with 2 wd black + 1 ssd?

hi guys... i just want to ask a quick question

just bought an ssd

right now i have 2 wd black sata2 640gb running at raid 0

i wanna know if i include the ssd with the array if its gonna keep the performance of the ssd with the total capacity of the 3 drives...

my computer specs

p2 x4 955
gigabyte 790gx
4gb ocz fatality ram
2 wd black sata 2 640gb (in raid 0)
ati radeon 5870
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  1. No that is not the way to make RAID 0. The drives have to be the same specification or they will run at the speed of the slowest drive. A SSD would only run at the speed of the WD Black's.
  2. so just run the ssd as the boot drive and let the 2 wd black raid array as storage
  3. raid 0 is not worth it. raid 0 gives a slight speed advantage but if you lose a drive you are scuppered. if you have the extra cash get an additional drive and do raid 5 - it's a lot more robust
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