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Hello all!

Last summer I built my beast-machine and it is still pretty good but I've been having a problem with the computer just stopping alltogether leaving the last image onscreen. My specs are as follows:

-Thermaltake Case (4 Fans)

-EVGA nForce 780i FTW SLi Edition

-Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz

+Zalman Heatsink Fan

-EVGA GTX280+ SuperClocked Edition

-4GB Corsiar Dominator 1066MHz RAM

-Windows 7 Home Premium (x64)

I have done no overclocking whatsoever, whatever the default BIOS settings are, I am using. When I get home I am going to check the voltages on the RAM and maybe update the BIOS as I have read that this may be the issue.

The crash occurs when I am running Metro 2033 *MAXXED* It will run fine with a framerate of anywhere from 75fps normally with drops to about 35fps with loading AND lots of onscreen action. It will run perfectly for about 20-30 minutes EVERY TIME, even after the crash has just happened so I have pretty much eliminated heat as the issue. When the crash occurs the image will remain onscreen indefinitely and no input is accepted. I have to manually reboot. What I recently noticed was that the HDD and Power lights on the front of my box arent even on let alone blinking. That being said the Mobo POST display is still on so the PSU isnt going out. At first I thought that maybe the GPU might be overheating  and while it was hot when running the game, I had the box cover off and usually there is a fan right on the GPU. The temp was around 75C-80C which in my experience isnt that high for my GPU when running like Metro 2033.

Any suggestions beyond the voltage on the RAM?
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  1. How does the game run when you have Metro 2033 set to medium graphics? Low graphics?
    Run Memtest86 to check your memory stability. Download and burn the free ISO image for creating bootable CD (Windows - zip).

    What power supply are you using?
    What are your max CPU temps like? HWMonitor utility program in case you don't have a temp monitoring problem.
  2. The memory is stable and has no error bits. I think the problem is that even though the memory is advertized to run at 1066MHz but it really runs at 800MHz until overclocked... The processor runs at some pretty cool temps, i dont remember at the moment but I used IC Diamond 7 between the processor and the heatsink and got a pretty good coating on that. Ill check the voltage when i get home. Ill have more details later

    EDIT: As for the PSU its a Thermaltake 1200W. It should be more than enough power even considering all the fans I have going
  3. GOT IT! As it turned out the Corsair "1066" DDR2 was REALLY clocked at 800MHz and the mobo (which was designed for overclocking strangely enough) throttled it even further to 600MHz...... Just had to tweak some settings in BIOS and now ive had the game running for about 2 hours straight with not even a hint of slowdown.

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. Good news! Nice job tracking that down.
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