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Hey guys, got a rig that is not booting. It's basically a little gamer rig. Started out with beeping, and not wanting to turn on, reseated ram and video card, and still no boot. Cleared cmos by pulling battery, then reinserting it. Still nothing. My first guesses are either video card or power supply, will get more info and post here. Any initial suggestions? Note, just thought of it. Will attempt booting with 1 stick of ram at a time.
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  1. Yes, boot one stick at a time, also read the motherboard manual to ensure you have the RAM in the correct slots (some like to confuse you by requiring slot 2 and 4 to be filled before 1 and 3)
  2. Can't be the video card, that isn't required to boot successfully. Sounds like RAM to me
  3. Not exactly true, specter. The BIOS routines only check the video interface of the graphics card. If the interface is bad, you will unsuccessfully POST and never boot.

    ohio, we need system specs.

    In the meantime:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  4. Yeah you're right. I didnt really think about that. I just saw that he reseated the card and assumed that he tried booting without it and still got an error.
  5. Hey all got a little more information. It's an alienware, running sli, not sure of processor, 4 gb of ram, 2 hard drives. Btw, ram is 4 1 gb sticks. Anyway long story short, tried each graphics card individuall in the main pci e slot. No luck. Fans all spin up, board lights up, so I assume power supply to be good. It's spitting out error codes that seem to indicate something with the memory. Pulled the cmos battery and attempted to reset the cmos with no luck.

    This system was working for about 2 years, so I'm ruling out a grounding issue. It's for a guy I know and was helping. Even tried booting with no video card, get beeps like it's looking for the video. Put that back in, rebooted with no memory, it gives beep codes as well. So suspecting board to be fine.

    As I said, tried both video cards, highly doubt both would be bad. When I rebooted with no memory, he said that is what it started doing, but he would eventually get it to start and it would work until now. I told him go ahead and install a new cmos battery, and start with a new set of memory. Then see if it boots up, so hopefully that does it for him.
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