Case made of wood?

My latest...

A red oak Mid-Century Modern computer enclosure inspired by the TV show Mad Men.

A Silverstone TJ08 with vents holes cut out top and bottom to align with the enclosure's vent openings.

Twin 140mm intake fans hidden on the bottom.

Hidden exhaust vent below the tabletop.

More photos HERE

NOTE: Wood burns at 270 degree Celcius so please don't make any comments about it catching on fire. Fun fact...solder will melt before wood burns. Also, if you think wood is an insulator and this computer would overheat then do a little research on the difference between convection and conduction. Hot electronics have been installed into wooden boxes for over a hundred years. Research tube radios and console TVs. Cheers!
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  1. Nice! Just add a couple of fan controllers with turning nobs then it looks like a radio from the 50´s.
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