Secon HDD added---Will not Boot--Cannot Access BIOS

I have an old Compaq that is too slow. Years ago I added a second hard drive for storage only. I also have a Gatetway a little newer and faster.
I took the second hard drive out of the Compaq and added it to the Gateway. Now the Gateway will not boot. Both HDD set to CS--wont boot.
One set to Master and one to Slave-- wont boot.
Cannot enter bios if second HDD is cnnected.
Disconnect second HDD--boots and runs perfectly.
Disconnect both drives--Can enter bios. Tried to enter bios with second HDD set to CS and plugged in to end of cable (master)-- cannot enter bios. Boot priority is cd drive, then floppy, then First HDD.Have never been able to boot or enter bios if second drive is ttached. Second drive works perfectly in old Compaq
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  1. Well that sounds like a fun afternoon, the only test i could think of is to hook the second drive up with a single cable to the secondary IDE port. < this assumes you have an extra cable and a secondary IDE port to hook it up to. Otherwise id say your drive is destined for your compaq.
  2. Wow, fast response. I do have second IDE port and second cable. I'll give THAT a try. Thanks.
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