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I am building an internal raid 6 array inside of an Early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1). It is running the latest OS. I bought an ATTO R644 card and 4 3TB UltraStar disks (though I ordered 3gb/s drives instead of 6gb/s drives by mistake). The OS lives on an SSD that is enclosed in the optical bay and connected directly to the mobo.

Before I take the machine apart and start the installation I am wondering if I need a mini-SAS extender to connect the ATTO card to the back-plane. I will be installing the card in a x8 slot, and I am not sure how long the internal cable is. If I do need it, does anybody know of a retail location I can get one from in the SF Bay Area?

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  1. For that kind of thing you would be better off buying it online. Another place you could check would be the computer store near the Moscone Complex (forget the name now), but it will cost you.
  2. Ordered from MaxUpgrades. Thanks.
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