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I recently tried to duplicate the display by pluging 2 hdmi cables into my 4890 (dvi adapter). It worked both monitors showed the same picture however there was no sound. The volume was upto the max and the device was called Digital Audio (HDMI). Now even when i connect one hdmi cabel to one TV i get no sound at all! Iv tried everything, reinstalling drivers (catalyst) and i even tested a different graphics card and got the same problem! :ouch: THe sound was working perfectly before... I dont know what i can do. Please help.

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  1. Hello Adam,

    To clarify, you said the "sound was working perfectly before". Perfectly on what? A previous graphics card connected via HDMI to your TV? Just your regular computer speakers?

    Also, what's your sound card like? Even though your video card is connected to the computer, your sound card has to process the sound and send it through the video card. I found this as a general reference (it's dell specific, but may help start the troubleshooting process)

  2. You likely need to go into Control Panel / Sound and manage your audio devices, selecting the ATI HDMI Audio device as the default output.
  3. Hi, Ok now im really confused. The graphics card built into my motherboard is a Radeon HD 3300 with a HDMI out. Even when i fully disconnect my 4890 and use the 3300 i still have the same problem. Iv reinstalled my entire windows seven and no luck. I have used these cheapo ass speakers with the motherboard sound output and the sound was working. So it cant be the soundcard... phssssh i dunno

    any help you can give, give it plz here are some pics...


  4. I'm really confused now, when you installed the new card did you restart the computer and disable the onboard vid in BIOS,lets try this, DVI to VGA adapter=no sound period, not enough wires for the sound, dvi does run sound thru the DVI(or so I been told), I'm using 5.1 headphones from Zalman so I really don't know, do you know what HDMI version your card supports, 1.3 and above will have sound if hooked to a HDMI TV or a device with a display and speakers that supports 1.3 or above, anything below that and you need adapter wires to get sound to the TV or whatever, now exactly what was the setup with sound, what did you do to kill the sound, what exactly are hooking the HDMI to, and what are you try to accomplish
  5. Ok hears what i did step by step.

    1. My sound was working fine. I had a dvi to hdmi adapter running from my ATI radeon 4890. The hdmi cable from this adapter went to my HDTV.

    2. I had another hdtv small monitor i wanted to use to extend my desktop. So using another DVI to HDMI adapter and another HDMI cabel i ran this to my other monitor.

    So i now had 2 hdmi cables running from my 4890 to my two hdtv's. However there was no sound on either one of the TVs. So i unplugged the ohter hdmi cable and went back to using my first screen. However there was now no sound on this one. SO during the time when i had both monitors hooked up to my 4890 somthing happend that stopped audio going via hdmi.

    I now basically want to go back to my origional screen that i was using hand have sound coming out of the tv from hdmi.
  6. look here, In Control Panel -> Sound Audio Devices -> set to onboard sound as default,see if it fixes it
  7. To the above, the on-board audio won't be carried via the HDMI cable attached to the video card to the monitor(s). It's the ATI HD Audio Device which does that.

    If you haven't already done it, disable the on-board video in the system's BIOS. It's possible the ATI HD Audio Device that's being detected or is active within Windows might be the one associated with the on-board video, not the HD4890. I'd also use the Catalyst Install Manager to remove all ATI driver components from the system, then reinstall them. This would include not only the typical Catalyst 10.x installation, but perhaps Southbridge drivers as well, as a full uninstall within CIM can remove both. Also, programs like CCleaner (and it's registry cleaning utility) and/or DriverSweeper can be used (after the CIM removal) to rid the system of any remaining traces of the old ATI drivers.

    Since this problem began when two monitors were used, start with only one again and test things before attempting to re-enable your extended desktop setup.
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