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Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download and Install

Does anyone know where I can find a free version?
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    Microsoft Office 2007 was previously not free, nor are the current versions of Office, however, you may follow this link to their free online versions of the software

    Also, if you are looking for Office alternatives, you may find them here!blfCui

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  2. Not good. You have to pay for Office. If you want something for free, get Libre Office.
  3. Or, If you want something comparative with Microsoft Office, you can download OpenOffice for free. Libre Office is also good though.
  4. Libre Office used to be Open Office.. The OO team struck out on their own after Sun was bought by Oracle.
  5. So, they are the same, right?
  6. No, not really. Oracle are still making Open Office available, but LibreOffice is a separate fork started by members of the original project that left when Oracle took over.
  7. Hey Herr_Koos, is there a reason that you choose LibreOffice over OO? I ask because I've used OO for a few years now and have been pretty happy with it. I might give LibreOffice a try though.
  8. I don't use either, to be honest. I bought MS Office. But by all means, give both a try. I supopse the only real reason to switch to Libre would be to stick it to the corporate man.
  9. You can download MS Office Starter on this page:

    MS Office starter is a free version of Ms Office financed by ads. It's not as good a the full version, but it's still good. It's version 2010 not 2007 and dosn't work on Windows XP.

    I hope my answer will be useful.

    Louie Duck, Donald Duck's nephew
  10. i want to download and install microsoft window 7
  11. Ernest Arthur said:
    i want to download and install microsoft window 7

    Of all the above answers in this very old thread, which ones did not answer your question?
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