Anthlon ii x3 or phenom ii x2

I'm working on my first pc build and well I wanted to know which one out of these two should I choose. I'm building a moderate gaming machine. I'm on a budget so if you're going to suggest a chip other than the two I mentioned it has to be under 90 bucks.

Anthlon chip

Phenom chip
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  1. I would go with the X3 in the long run you are going to benefit more from the extra core than the L3 cache on the phenom.
  2. ^+3. Grab the X3. UNLESS, you are running some programs that are really sensitive to cache. (There are VERY VERY few programs like this).
  3. X3 445. If you are lucky, you'll be able to unlock the 4th core and cache on it. If you are unlucky, you still have a pretty good CPU w/ 3 cores.

    The Phenom II dual core offers the same chances of being lucky, but only two cores if you're not.

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