HDMI TVBox and LCD Monitor with font and resolution problem.

I have a Kworld 1920ex HDMI TVBox, a 22 inch LCD Monitor, and a GeForce 9800 GT Vid Card. All my cables are DVI/HDMI cables. When I plug it all together the font changes and it does not seem crisp and the font color looks like mixed up. (ex. Red fonts included black/orange fonts in a letter). Also, it does not detect my monitor's resolution of 1680x1050. What I did was forced the Nvidia settings to make a new and costumed resolution of 1680x1050. But, the problems still lies with the font colors. When I unplug the TV box and connect the monitor directly to the PC vid card, it fixes the problem.

Can you guys help me with this problem about my TVbox, LCD, and monitor connected, about the the font color problems.
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  1. In other words, the desktop image seems a little fuzzy. When I play a game, the colors seemed fine although a little dark but not much. My problem is the desktop image and the letters.

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