Gigabyte P55-US3l v1.0 Droping USB's Power

Hay guys just wondering if u can help me out if any 1 has experinaced this problem.
Basicaly my usb keeps droping out no responce(like its switched off) from my keyboard or mouse external spins down, it happens at random times, one min after boot, five mins, up to not atall during a full day tho more recently ever 20/30 mins intervals, it can happen under any conditions gaming, surfing idle.
Another side issue that isnt so important is that ever 5 or 6 boot ups from off or just reset,
the hdd fails to spin up, now ive checked it with seagates seatools and HDD sentinal
with not detected issues, and same with my ODD (tho i am pretty sure its just old and on its way out).
and also my main drive seems to go to sleep (i made a copy of this document with a simple text document and the system hung, then the drive spins up and then i could open the new document)

Sytem is
Intel core i5 650 clarkdale
Gigabyte P55-US3l v1.0 (bios f5)
2x Crucial ddr3 2048MBytes, BL25664BN1608.16FF
1x Elpida ddr3 2048 EBJ21UE8BDF0-DJ-F
Nvidia 9800gt 512 rev a2
PSU - Generic 500watt
HDD1 - Seagate st3200826as 200GB
HDD2 - Samsung HD402LJ 400GB
HDD3 - Samsung sp250gc 250GB
HDD4 - Western Dig WD1600jd-00hbb0 160gb

Ive checked over the Crash logs theres nothing atall, and in the event view theres no mention of driver crash's just that the system shut down unexspectadly (aka finger on reset button:) )

any other info needed just shout ill post it up

Also ran Memtest 86+ 2 full sweeps no issues,
Swaped on to my old I3 chip still same, removed each stick of ram, tested same issues, installed windows on 3 of the 4 drives probs still occuring.

So basicaly i think its the mobo. but id like your thoughts guys sorry this is a tad long winded and piss poorly laid out :(
ty in advance
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  1. What about your power supply? If it's output is irregular, I think it might cause problems like you are having.
  2. ive been keeping an eye on it with HW moniter
    +3.3v is high 33.1 low of 3.23
    +5V is high 4.76 low of 4.92
    -12v is high -11.90 low of -11.39
    +5v vcch 3.60 low 3.60
    cpu high 1.18 low 0.88
    theres no massive drops in the power or spikes for that mater that i can c u may know better but thanks for ure response :)
  3. ive decided its most likly the mainboard so im going to order this 1 :) .
    good or bad idea?
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