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Will 9800GT bottleneck e2140 1.60ghz oc 2.30GHZ
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  1. plz reply
  2. yes, but not much, it will be okay for your current speed (2.3 GHz)...
  3. thanks
  4. It definitely will. My E1400 @ 2.45ghz bottlenecked my HD4650.
  5. lol which graphic card will not bottleneck
  6. I have no idea. My 7600GT performed exactly the same as my HD4650, and my Radeon x700 performed the same as well.

    An HD4650 is about the lowest you can get I suppose, so you might as well keep it.
  7. 9500GT ?
  8. Whatever you can find the cheapest. Can you get your CPU to 2.6 ghz?
  9. no 2.30 is max
  10. I have a 9800 gt 1GB ddr3 with a 2.4 GB CPU that works fine.
  11. what you mean with that
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