Need for 2 500MB chips

I've had a very difficult time adding two memory chips to my SONY VAIO VGC-RA820G desktop. The machine has 2 500MB chips and there are two more sockets available for two more 500MB chips. The machine maximum is 2Gig.

I have already ordered and returned from 4 different vendors
chips which the vendors claimed would be compatible with my computer. They are not.

The machine would not boot. (The BIOS is up-to-date and I have tried all combinations chips in different sockets.)
The original chips in the machine are labeled

HYS64D64320HU-5-C 64Mx64
C1E43699 PC3200U-30330-B0

If you have an "exact" match to these chips I would like to order them from you provided ther price is reasonable and you have a full price return policy.


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  1. saaiello said:

    Thanks SAAIELLO, but some of the numbers don't match and I'm looking for an exact match.
    Appreciate the search tho.
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