Problems With Gigabyte 4670

Hello, I purchased a radeon 4670 several months ago, and it has been working flawlessly until recently. This morning I woke up, and turned my computer on to find that nothing was coming up on the screen, I plugged my VGA cable into the motherboards integrated graphics card, and it worked fine. If anyone could please help me or tell me what is wrong , I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Hmm, have another computer? so you can try your card in there to make sure whether the card is broken or not...
  2. Unfortunately not, Would the card be broken if the fan is still spinning
  3. Even if the card fan is spinning, there's probability the card is broken...
    So the easiest way to check your card is try in different PC...
  4. Ok, I'll try my best to get A hold of another computer, but if I'm not able to do oyu know of any other ways to check?
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