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I'm having my fair share of issues with using raid 1 recently! At first everything was fine and ran raid 1 onto 2 WD 500gb drives just using my gigabyte mobo. After a few days my computer started freezing for some reason (I'm still rather unsure), and eventually started to do so often. Well after having to restart a couple times I noticed the status info of the raid worked its way down to "degraded"

The steps I took are

- Computer starts freezing...
- After multiple restarts my raid becomes degraded...
- After trying to fix, decide to simply do over...
- took out one of the drives (to retrieve data from later)
- installed a new drive to replace the old removed one
- deleted old raid, wiped and started fresh raid 1
- installed windows and all that...

No freezes and everything, it runs fine!

However, after plugging back in my old hard drive I found I could not access the data, or even see the drive anywhere...
I guess I just would like to know if there were any way to retrieve the data from this HD? Do you think I could simply boot into ubuntu or something like that and see it, when windows could not? Or is it simply lost...

Also, a bit away from this issue...what's a good way to slow down a fan? About to try taking out the cmos battery for a bit, but if there's an easier way (I'll have to take out the video card to get to it...) I'd like to know :) Tried speedfan to no avail.
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  1. If it's a different version of the operating system, you have to boot into safe mode and set the NTFS permissions so that you can read all the data off of the drive.
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