Final Check Before Purchase!

First I would just like to thank everybody at Tom's for helping me get to this point. This community is a very friendly one and this experience will keep me coming back to help pass on the knowledge and gain even more.

In approximately 24-48 hours I will be making my big first purchase and want to get one last look over from the community. I am very anxious and can't wait to do this for the first time. Hopefully it turns out as well as I would like, because I have done more reading about this than I did for my Organic Chemistry class lol....

For those who have not seen my posts yet here is a rundown on the purpose of the rig.
Gaming is the number 1 priority with the main game being FInal Fantasy XIV. Others will probably be played but most likely nothing that requires more power than XIV. Standard word processing/web browsing/movies.

I will be OC'ing the CPU and will be using a Hyper 212+ HSF (ordered from amazon). Hoping to squeeze out 3.8GHz maybe 4.0GHz if I am lucky.

The Rig

Case: Haf 922

Mobo: Gigabyte 890FX

GPU: HIS Radeon 5870

PSU: Corsair HX 850W

CPU: AMD Phenom II 965 BE

RAM: G.Skill Eco 1600 2x2GB

HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB

Monitor: Samsung 24" 1080P

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    Drop the X4 965 to a 955. They're the same CPU, just the 965 comes with a factory overclock that can be achieved by changing the multiplier by one in the BIOS. You don't even need an aftermarket cooler.

    I'm not an advocate of the 8xx chipsets. I think you pay more to get nothing useful or at least nothing you can't do yourself through a BIOS update.

    You don't need 850W. A 750W unit would be just fine even if you Crossfire later.

    Don't pay $28 for an optical when you can get one for $20:cheap SATA DVD burner.

    Here's some useful combos/deals:

    CPU/Mobo: X4 955 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $285 after rebate (with free game)
    GPU/PSU: HD 5870 and XFX 750W $430 after rebate
    Case/Optical: Coolermaster 690 and cheap SATA DVD burner $73. The case isn't quite as good as the HAF, but you don't need something that large.
  2. I agree with MadAdmiral about the cpu.
    I would buy the HX 850 for $10 more then the HX750.
    MadAdmiral has some good points as he's trying to save you dough!
    Otherwise it's a nice build.
  3. Thank you very much MA. You've been with me from the start on this and greatly appreciate all of you input. I will take your advice on the 955 and the DVD burner as well as the PSU and the Mobo.

    I do have a clarification question, the GPU I have selected is slightly more but also has a higher clock (barely, but it is higher) and as much as I've read the fan on it supposedly rocks. If I were to go with the XFX card instead, would I notice any difference in heat and performance? Or nothing noticable?
  4. Nothing noticeable. Keep in mind that a change of the clock speed can be easily accomplished through ATI's overclocking tool, so that shouldn't be a deciding factor in which brand to purchase. I should also point out that XFX cards come with a "double lifetime" warranty, which means it's covered for both you and the next person you sell it to, which can help the resale value a lot.
  5. Changed to, from MA's advice:

    CPU/Mobo Combo
    PSU/GPU Combo
    $20 SATA Burner

    Decided to keep the HAF 922 for a couple reasons: Might eventually be able to reuse for a later build (Maybe some chunky GPU's Crossfired) and well... red is my favorite color, lol... (I know last reason fails, but I like it)
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  7. is that comment at my build?
  8. Thanks Ares for showing me those combo's. I think I will keep it where I have it now, saved $200 which is over halfway to my next 5870 (which is waiting no matter what because I am not sure if FFXIV will even support Crossfire on release)
  9. you saved 200$, or my build saved 200$?
  10. The things I picked out of Mad Admiral's saved me $200, well actually $180 I believe.
  11. so whats your final price?
  12. $1442.32 After Shipping/Tax and a $19 Mouse.
  13. erm, not trying to suggest my build is better, but the one i linked was 1215.75 after the mouse and shipping :ouch:
  14. The one I suggested wasn't that expensive either. I calculated it out to about $1,200. I'm guessing there were speakers or something else thrown in there...
  15. o, i was about to say!
  16. wait, so it really is that expensive? :ouch:
  17. Yeah even with combos. Before combos it was $1644 and some change I believe. I know it was over $1640 for sure.
  18. is it just me, i might be mistaken here, but isnt the build i linked that has all the same or better things a lot cheaper still???
  19. I honestly don't know as this is my first attempt. I want to stick with the samsung monitor unless that Hanns is really good (never heard of them personally) and I am going to stick with HAF 922. Other than that I really have no idea why it's so expensive.

    EDIT: Also going to keep the G.Skill Eco
  20. Excluding the external parts and the thermal paste, the build is only $1,068 before rebates ($1,033 after). If you factor in the Hanns G montior, that's $1,253, which features a better case and better RAM than ares' build. I'd say the price is about right.
  21. @ MA, the HAF 922 isnt better than the lian li, the lian li actually beat it in a cooling contest due to better air path. they are pretty even though, but id rather have the lian li. also, yes your ram is technically better, but amd does NOTHING with over 1333 MHz, and the lower timings and cost are better, sure you can add that ram for 5$ but its not gonna do much.
  22. AMD does plenty over 1333 mhz, just not automatically. You'll either have to set the sticks to run at the higher speeds in the BIOS, and might have to mildly overclock the CPU.

    The HAF is easily one of the best cases out there. Period. That Lian Li at $10 more would have a tough time fitting the 5870 (11.1" long with cables attaching at the end), as the case only fits GPUs as long as 11.4". I'm failing to see the excellence there...
  23. the HAF is one of the best cases out there, but so is the lian li. and amds controller is 1066MHz or 1333MHz i believe, and with an unlocked multiplier, it really doesnt do much of anything. if he really wants to get the 1600 MHz ram, go for it, but with the combo i linked, the Lian Li is A LOT cheaper than a HAF 922 would be, so its just something to think about.
  24. the reason of the cost so high is he is getting nailed with taxes. otherwise it would be atleast $100 cheaper.
  25. even so 1333.87>1198.91$.
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