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i have a 1tb wd passport which was interrupted while being checked for disk error and now i can't read it. I can't even format it. what's wrong please help
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  1. Hi F, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

    It may have been corrupted during the chkdsk when interrupted.
    Do you have important data on this drive, and did you try to Format it already?

    Do three things.

    Connect it to your computer, then boot up and go to the BIOS from the splash screen. See if the Passport is detected in the BIOS.

    Then boot up to Windows, go to the Device Manager, and see if it is recognized under the category Drives, or USB ports.

    Then go to Disk Management (right click on My Computer, Manage, in Computer Management click in the lower left Disk Management).
    See if it is recognized by the OS here.

    Then upload a screenshot of the Disk Management dialog box, so we can see exactly what has happened to the disk drive.
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