Should I keep my current card?

Im going to build a new i7 rig soonish and was planning on going from a 22" monitor to a 24" and upgrading from my GTX 285 black edition to a GTX 480 but from all the benchmarks Ive seen, my card isnt really far behind the 480 at all and ties if not passes the 5870 in some cases.... I cant find another xfx 285 or id SLI them, but should I just keep my gtx 285 or spend $500! and get a 480?

Im having a hard time deciding the best video card set up for me, Ill be playing games like BF2, Bad Company 2, Call of Duty, Company of Heroes...
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  1. Your 285 should come close to an HD5850, and not surpass an HD5870 save for nVidian games.

    An HD5850 DirectCU OC'd will beat an HD5870, for $320. You can crossfire another one and have $900 performance for $640. An HD5970 will punish a GTX480 as well as max any game.
  2. A GTX 285, as shadow said, will perform on par with a 5850.

    On a different note, and I could be wrong here so correct me if I am, for SLi don't you only need to have the same model card? Example, two GTX 285's, even if one is from say EVGA and the other from XFX? I know they have to be running at the same clock speeds and have the same specs in general, but you can SLi two cards from different aftermarket brands.
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