N00btastic Question About Fans!

I'm about to build my first rig, but have gotten caught up on fan compatibility. I'll be using the GA-X58A-UD3R mobo inside the HAF 932 case

The GA-X58A-UD3R has the following fan connectors on the motherboard:

ONE 4-pin CPU fan header (CPU_FAN)
ONE 4-pin (SYS_FAN2) system fan header
TWO 3-pin (SYS_FAN1/SYS_FAN3) system fan headers
ONE 3-pin power fan header (PWR_FAN) - Which is only used for the PSU, if at all...

Here's my issue: The HAF 932 will have 3 case fans running (I'm not sure how many pins they each have), and I'll be replacing the HAF's 4th fan on the back with an H50 CPU cooler and 2 more fans (Gentle Typhoons) in a push/pull setup - THIS TOTALS 5 FANS (3 case fans, and two cpu fans)

1) Can I fit all of these fans onto the mobo with the proper connectors and pins?

2) If not, can I plug some of them into the PSU (750HX). What kind of connectors are on the fans and the PSU (male/female - what if both connectors are female)?

3) Should I use a y-splitter for the push/pull fans on the cooler and run them both into the CPU_FAN header?... or does this cause them to run at a slower speed?

4) If I do run the case fans into the PSU, I understand they will run at full speed all the time. But do they also run full speed even when the computer is turned off?

Sorry for my n00bness. But that's why I came to you experts - to learn :)
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  1. The HAF 932 comes with adapters so that you can go with either 4-pin molex, or 3-pin on the mobo - your choice!

    However, not sure about any CPU_FAN throttling you may get from using a y-splitter and running 2 cpu fans to only one header

    ...you'll need an expert here to answer that question for you
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