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Hi building a new comp, wondering which PSU i should use with the following spec, thanks for the help!


Video card
Mother board
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  1. I would take the Antec over Thermaltake
  2. of the two you listed I would go with the antec

    thermaltake does not have a great reputation on its lower powered PSU

    if you purchase your PSU before 9/22, this antec is actually better then the one you linked and cheaper with the instant online rebate plus i think it has a mail in rebate to further your savings*

    *$59 with free shipping - $10 instant rebate - $15 mail in rebate

    its a steal at that $35 price
  3. Without any doubt, the Antec Neo Eco 520 is a much better option. It's a quality PSU made by Seasonic. 35$ is a great deal.
  4. Good find by ct1615.
    In any case, in this day and age, avoid any PSU with a little red voltage switch on it; at best it indicates an older, inefficient design, and at worst it means the PSU is utter crap.
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