Bsod w7 64bit

I'm on my phone since my home has no internet at the moment excuse the terrible typing placement.
Problem signature
Problem event name: bluescreen
Os version 6.1.601.
Locale id 1033
Additional information about the problem:
bccode: 1e
Bcp2: fffff8000349a9fd
Bcp3: 00000000000000
Bcp4: ffffffffffffffffff
Os version 6_1_7601
Service pack 1_0
Product: 256_1
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  1. Configuration? Age? Is it overclocked? What were you doing when it happened? What's the last thing you did to your PC?
  2. The stuff is all new about a month gtx 560ti main 990fxa gd-80 corsair 750txnb oc to 2600 cpu to 4.2 tested on prime95 for 6 hours Max temp was 51c zero fails usually after I end a high load it bsod's on idle sorry for the sellling the phone auto corrects or rewords words quite annoying anyways if you want my voltages they are 1.445 for cpu 1.298 for nb 1.265 for cpu nb ram is at stock settings although its rated 1600 I'm using amd's default of 1333mhz I've been using this for quite a while if it matters I had my gpu set to 1150(2300) memory. 1000-2000 core/shaders linked 1087mV it ran all stability tests
  3. I checked my motherboard bios voltages although I put 1.5v for the ram it was only getting 1.48 all other voltages were correct
  4. Set everything back to defaults and see if your system is more stable.
  5. Tried the dafult speeds it actually bsod after a few hours of prime anyways I rep overclocked and it hasn't bsod
  6. Manually resetting to default speeds may not be enough. Disable/uninstall any utilities that can OC the cpu (eg, MSI Control Center) or GPU. Clear CMOS, load (optimized) defaults, and keep it there until the BSODs are resolved. The OC and/or the OCers remain the prime suspects, followed by a memory issue that your voltage change may have taken a step towards working around.
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