Samsung 830 256Gb for Photoshop

I'm about to receive a 256gb 830 series from Samsung. I'm doing web design in Photoshop as a job and my current rig is:
i5 2500k 3.3 stock, 16 Gb of RAM, 1TB hdd with 400gb free space and 1 OCZ Agility 64 gb with about 3.5 Gb free space, 6950 flashed to 6970, 2 wide 22" monitors.

Photoshop for web design is very demanding since I have up to 8 fully layered homepages opened at a time plus Chrome with about 20 tabs. I still drop below 100% efficiency in Photoshop thou I have a lot of free space on my hdd and 16 gb of RAM.

With this new SSD I'm worried about it's life time if I use it for PS since I save very often plus I have the auto save feature set to 5 minutes. I've read a couple of threads and articles but I wanna be clear:

* Should I put my OS on the new SSD and have it as a scratch disk as well?
* I've read that keeping my psds on the SSD will only help me with the loading time of them (which is already small) so it's not needed. My projects (about 600 atm) occupy about 110 gb or so. Should I just keep them on my hdd?
* What should I do with the OCZ? Have the OS on that and the 830 for scratch disk only?

Looking forward to your guidance.
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  1. 1)Yes. Using the SSD for both your system disk and your primary scratch disk.
    2)Yes. Only help the loading fast. You should keep the projects on the HDD.
    3)No. Using the 830 for both like the #1 answer. Using the OCZ for something else.

    And other are
    1) Keep the SSD at least 10% more space left. Don't do like you did on the OCZ. Over time the performance will go down because the garbage collection and TRIM in SSDs don't work well. They need some free space (10%) to run the GC or TRIM.
    2)If the efficiency is less than 90% to 95%, you need more RAM, because you said it < 100%.
    3)To reduce the history states number.
    4)Check the PS web site for more info.
  2. Thanks for the answers.
    I sometimes have 85-88%. I'm already down to 8 history states. I need them...
    Thanks for the tips.

    What about the reducing of the SSD's lifetime? True or false or does not apply to this particula SSD due to it's technology?
  3. If you write too on the SSD, because your files are big, that will be reduced the lifetime. That is why you need save them into HDD.
  4. No, just use it as a scratch disk. The PSDs I will keep on my HDD.
  5. Sounds good, OS, PS and scratch to SSD and PSDs to HDD. I can recommend this.
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