NVidia GPU 400 series w/o 2GB

Could someone please tell me why manufacturers do not make GPU 400 series with 2GB memory?

Thank you in advance for any explaination.

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  1. Due to the bus, the 400 series comes with 1536MB of memory. It's possible to double that to 3072MB, or half that to 768. I think so, anyways.
  2. The GTX 470 has 1280MB so im sure they can technically make something larger but that would mean increase cost, increase heat, increase board size, potentially decrease sales.

    Why do you even need 2GB. Running games at 2560x1600 doesn't even eat up 1GB and Nvidia doesn't have eyefinity to increase resolution any further.
  3. Actually, my company has wrote an CUDA application for 3D used with GTX 275 2GB that is now discontinued. Anything with less than 2GB would not qualify. As a buyer/planner, I need to tell them the reason why we don't actually need 2GB with modern GPU. They kept throw me under the bus. So, I need a lot of the technical information to present to my boss so I can purchase a new video card to run our application without the need f 2GB memory.
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