DVI-D blanks to black for 2 seconds every couple minutes

I just got a new ASUS VH235T-P 23" LCD to replace my 19" CRT. It connects to my ASUS M2A-VM HDMI motherboard via either D-SUB or DVI-D. The monitor came with a new DVI cable. I've never used DVI on this motherboard before, just D-SUB and the HDMI out to my HTR hooked to my TV. Hooking the display up via D-SUB running at 1920x1080, the picture is rock solid. However, unhooking the D-SUB and hooking up the DVI-D, the screen blanks to black for 2 seconds every couple minutes. :ouch: I'd been hoping to run the CRT on D-SUB as a second display. Even without that wish, when and if I ever want to sell this monitor not having a working DVI-D will damage its value. ASUS Tech could only suggest running the monitor on all defaults (it ~is~) or buying a different graphics card. :( I wish the latter were an easy path, but this mobo's HDMI adapter also has S/PDIF out, which is needed for sound by my crippled-by-design Onkyo receiver. A search on DVI blank gives a lot of results, so it's a somewhat common problem. Not too much help though. The monitor still has 20 days to return to the egg. :fou: I really don't want to replace any hardware...

Here's a bit of mobo info:

ATI Radeon X1200 Series
Device ID 1002-791E
Subvendor ASUStek Computer Inc (0000)
Technology 80 nm
Die Size 49 nmІ
Release Date Feb 28, 2007
DirectX Support 9.0b
DirectX Shader Model 2.0
OpenGL Support 2.0
Bios Core Clock 400.00
Bios Mem Clock 200.00
Driver ati2mtag.sys (
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  1. I have the same mobo and the same monitor (go figure), and experience the same problem. very interesting, I have not figured it out yet..
  2. A couple of weeks after posting this I got a Radeon HD 5570. The ASUS 23" is fine on the DVI, no more blanking. I went to the new GPU only after discovering the mobo has its own S/PDIF output, no need for the special HDMI adapter, but one does need one of these - cheap.
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