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I've bought a HP laptop with a Core-i5 520M and a 5650, I am very impressed by the performance, the little 5650 pushes Crysis at High/1366x768 (native resolution of the display).
However I want to overclock it, and 3 things I've noticed are:
1. HWMonitor does not read the temp
2. Rivatuner does not let me overclock it
3. CCC doesn't have the Overdrive tab.

Can anyone help?
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  1. First thing you should do is download the 10.5 drivers. I'm a little surprised it doesn't have overdrive but 10.5 definitely should. If that fails, try MSI Afterburner. You need to change the config file to allow "unofficial overclocking".
    And if that fails, it might work to BIOS flash the card with an "unlocked" BIOS... or maybe because it's a laptop it's hardwired into it's settings... I don't have laptop experience.
  2. Guru3d's AMD GPU Clock Tool for HD 5870 worked, I'll try Afterburner too later.
    So far I have managed 715MHz Core and 830MHz Memory.
    Default is 550MHz Core and 800MHz memory, so I got 165MHz OC on the core and 30MHz on the memory.
    And yes I installed the latest Cat drivers yesterday (so its 10.5)

    Unrelated: I'm bumping into the ATI/Hibernation problem, and the laptop hibernates whenever I close the lid, so far I have to manually switch to Intel GMA HD first.
  3. Since it's a laptop, don't push it too far, it doesn't mean for OC, right... :)
  4. Yeah, yeah, you're starting to sound like the sterotypical wife :p
    Is there a way to overclock the processor too? Then again it's already pushing 80C load and I think the GPU and CPU share a heatsink.
  5. Sorry for the double post but my final stable overclock was:
    Core - 715MHz
    Memory - 830MHz

    Temps for this was:
    i5-520M - Core #0- Max 84C
    Core #2- Max 80C

    Assembly & Airflow both Max 44C

    5650 Max 74C

    If anyone else gets a HP Pavillion with a 5650 then this can sort of be a guide, I used HWMonitor for all the temps except for the 5650 with used AMD GPU Clock Tool for HD 5870 (Guru3D, also used for OC'ing)
    I used Crysis as the stability tester.

    Overall I'm quite pleased with my final OC, I overclocked the 5650 way past the stock clocks of the 5730.

    Using the Crysis GPU Benchmark bat file (64-bit, DX10) I got 20 FPS average, after overclocking I got 28FPS average.
  6. I have the Toshiba Satellite L650-11F, with the same GPU, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 and an i5 430M. I just installed the newest drivers for my GPU and CCC does not show the Overdrive tab. I even tried installing AMD Overdrive separately but it fails to start. I guess it does not support laptop motherboards. Let's face it, they aren't meant for overclocking. Still, it's a bummer as Overdrive has many other useful tools as well... I'm reluctant to use 3rd party software to do this, as it does not generally specify safe parameters for specific GPUs.

    BTW, what temperatures does your HD 5650 run at when not overclocked? Mine varies between 46 - 56°C when not ingame, but it goes up to 65°C in games like Empire Total War, Black Ops and Fallout New Vegas. Runs all games on almost max settings fluently. I'm loving it :)
  7. I have a Hp dv6-3050TX with i7-720QM and HD5650.
    My 5650 seems to be hardcore material. At stock 550/800 , crysis 2 maxed out , i get about 22fps

    I could overclock it max(stable) to 810MHz Core and 920MHz Memory. Thats quite some OC. With this OC and Crysis 2 maxed out , i get 34fps, quite playable
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