How to add a PCIeX16 slot to a Mini-ITX Board ?

I have a Mini-ITX Board with only one PCIeX16 slot and i need a solution that will enable me to connect to two PCIeX16 cards
The PC boards are: IEI KINO QM670 and BCM IX67QM
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  1. Buy a new board with two PCIe x16 slots. That's the only way.
  2. Leaps-from-Shadows said:
    Buy a new board with two PCIe x16 slots. That's the only way.

    Thanks, but i need to connect 2 cards. Is there any extensions, by pass connecters trough comm ports, any kind of trick that will enable me to still use what I have now?

    (I have a frame grabber and I need to connect a LOW POWER (40W) GPU In addition)
  3. Am I allowed to lol? =D
  4. Both mini-mother-boards already have a built-in onboard GPU with multi-display ports - so why the need for another low-power GPU? I don't get it.
  5. craighay:
    Unfortunately, I don't think that will work. I think Z68 is the only chipset that will allow you to have both a discrete GPU and Sandy Bridge's integrated GPU enabled. I don't know whether it allows you to have both working at the same time though.

    If you actually need two PCIe x16 cards in those systems, you're hosed. There is no pass through -- you still need a second PCIe slot and neither one has two of them.
  6. Many thanks to all,
    One last Q , do you know of a Mini-ITX Board (similar ~ to what i use now [IEI KINO QM670 & BCM IX67QM ] that have two PCIe x16 slots??
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