Buying RAM for my computer

I am building a machine and only need the RAM, and a hdd.
I can't figure out how to calculate the type of ram I should buy. I know your supposed to match ram speeds with fsb.
Do you match it to the fsb on the motherboard or the porcessor? I am confused on how you do this and would love for someone to school me on this.

I am using the following MB and CPU.

AMD Phenom II x2 555 be @ 3.2ghz
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  1. gskill ripjaws 1600 mhz 2x2gb would be great.
  2. Ah, you can always try to UnLock a 3rd or 4th core on the 555. Sometimes you get lucky and get an extra core or two for FREE...
  3. Go to a ram vendor's web site and access their configurator. Corsair, kingston, G.skil and others have them.
    Enter your motherboard and you will get a list of supported ram kits.
    In general, it is more important to have supported, working, and plenty of ram than worrying about speeds and timings.
    You want supported ram to avoid finger pointing in case you have a problem.
  4. @ werner 123, I got the mobo, processor, 550 watt coolmaster psu, dl dvd optical drive for $150 bucks brand new from a kid who got in to some trouble and his dad made him sell it to me. I'm hoping to be able to unlock the other 2 cores. Lets hope AMD doesn't have that many bad processors compared to just locking good cores to supply the demand of the x2.
    But I bought 4 1600mgz 2gb sticks of Corsair Vengance

    Here is the link to the processor

    Here is the link to the mobo

    I hope the memory works. What do you guys think?
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