Is 51 Amps on a 12v enough to power two 4850's in crossfire?

Is 51 Amps on three twelve volt rails enough to power two radeon 4850's in crossfire with a very basic pc setup?

The powersupply specifically is the coolmaster 600w which i know is not the greatest but the 12v rails seems to have decent amps:

the rails are 12v1: 18 amps, 12v2: 18 Amps 12v3 15 Amps

is it enough to power two 4870's?

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  1. what model cooler master is it?gx ?no,extreme power ? no,silent pro yes
  2. obsidian86 said:
    what model cooler master is it?gx ?no,extreme power ? no,silent pro yes

    the model is a V600 silent 140mm 600w coolmaster, im assuming its not the silent pro,
  3. it is a COOLMAX V600 Silent 140mm 600w PSU not a coolmaster sorry
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    that's a whole lot worse then cooler master i wouldn risk it even if it says 51 amps i don't believe it can output 51 amps
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  6. yes, most coolmax powersupplies have horrible power ratings, they have a few good ones in the high end , but still wouldnt touch that with a 10 foot poll
  7. yeah I ditched it a while back but was just checking on this old post thanks
  8. no prob :)
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