Would this RAID 1 enclosure be a good option for data backup?

So I am torn on what would be a more practical and effective option to impliment for manually backing up data from all my systems to a shared external location. I have three options in mind with a capacity requirement of 500gb minimum but 750gb for headroom if possible.

Option 1: This enclosure: http://www.amazon.com/Cavalry-eSATA-External-Enclosure-EN-CADA2B-ZB01/dp/B004KKXLLG/ref=pd_cp_pc_0 to be used in RAID 1 configuration utilizing two different model 500gb HDD's. The whole setup seems rather tidy and takes much of the work out of laying out a RAID external backup option it would seem.

Option 2: Two identical 2.5" USB enclosures with different model 5400rpm 500gb drives in each. One drive would be a mirror image of the contents of the other; the duplication is simply to reduce the chance of failure causing a loss of the data.

Option 3: Two standard USB backup drives; one from WD and one from Toshiba. Again the data would be mirrored but the redundancy would eliminate a single failure event being a disaster.

My goal is to find a system that I can trust to serve as operational and maintain data integrity for at least 5-10 years without needing to be simply abandoned for new storage media. So, the question is 1) would a RAID 1 enclosure be a better option than individual drives, and 2) are low-RPM 2.5" enclosure drives or factory-built USB drives more trustworthy?

Thanks guys!
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  1. The last two options are about the same. The first option allows for higher capacity drives and a faster connection.
  2. Only option 1 IF you're going to use the eSATA connection - I don't suggest using a USB2 connection - its too slow.
    Your best bet would be to find a NAS device or USB 3.
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