Monitor and grafix card help

Hey there !

heres my specs on a second/old rig:

Intel E4300 @ stock
Intel DG965RY mobo
Transcend Axe Ram 2GB 800+ kit
Thermaltake Big typhoon CPU cooler
xfx 7600GT

i recently bought a Samsung P2250 monitor and am amazed with its features...but the grafix card is having trouble processing games at the recommended resolution in Windows7 i.e:1920*1080

plus most games cant even run on the GPU cos it heats up like crazy. I was going to buy a grafix card in a few days time...and have narrowed it down to an ati 5770 from sapphire.

what other recommendations can i see?

N.B# i cant change anything on my rig apart from the grafix card. Since investing in a new proc+mobo+ram combo is actually too heavy on my wallet :)

thanx in advance!
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  1. i definitely wouldn't go any higher then a the 5770 a 1.8 ghz dual core is really going to bottleneck even the 5770. if your mobo supports overclocking you should definitely look into it. if you can't overclock, you may not want to go to a 5770 possibly a 5750 or lower
  2. i can overclock but only with setFSB...i dunno what to do if my OC fails, since i dont have a clear CMOS button. For this reason alone , i havent OC'ed yet. would you have any advices?
  3. well most without a clear cmos button have a jumper you can use to reset the bios
    is a quick guide to reseting the bios with the jumper, but fi you don't find a jumper then i'm not completely sure what to do.
  4. Only setFSB?
    You mean that you can't change it's clock or speed?
    With your aftermarket cooler, i guess you can OC it without problem, let's say 2.2/2.4 GHz...
  5. Yeah, after buying the parts for my rig, i looked into what OC'ing can do...and ended up on many forums saying i can take the E4300 up-to 3.2GHz...felt like bashing my head on the wall!

    i havent tweaked with its features...only cos the board doesnt support OC'ing and thus thought it didnt have a BIOS reset switch...i'm digging up its info right now and from the link (thanx - jonnyboyC )

    one option can be to invest in an Asus Maximus II Gene/Formula mobo and get past this issue - but what do i do with the existing board? :P ( lol - i can do that six months from now)

    @ wa1 - yeah only setFSB was used by ppl but i'm open to suggestions :)

    oh i dug this up - can this help with m,y OC?
  6. ok what if i got an xfx 4850? it'll cost me bout $100 with a years warranty

    this similar card but available at my local micro-center
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